Left: Becky Right: Virginia


Hello and thank you for visiting our page!

Marbled Mint is a Bay Area floral business that specializes in weddings and team building events for corporate companies. We provide decor and floral services for various events including weddings. We also host interactive floral and terrarium workshops for public and private events. Sometimes, you’ll find us popping up in offices offering an array of hand crafted terrariums.

Becky and Virginia, the creative directors and founders of Marbled Mint, both grew up in San Francisco surrounded by their families' gardens and local neighborhoods' lush greenery. Their passion for flowers and nature brought them together to create Marbled Mint.  

Our Motto and Name:

Our goal is to create unique pieces that bring spaces to life and leave our clients with a smile.

Marbled - The free flowing movement of nature's vibrant colors and textures.

Mint - A clean, refined look that leaves the audience joyful and refreshed.